Have You Been Using Your Google Hits Counter Like a Good Site Owner Should?

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How to increase google hits

Have you been using you Google hits counter when you check up on your website every day? Were you even aware that you had the ability to do such a thing? You should really be aware of all of the options that you have when it comes to your website. In knowing all of the tools at your disposal, you can know just what you can do to make your website better.

  • Google Hits Counter
  • The Google hits counter is a simple little device that tells you how many hits came your way over Google. Do you remember, back in the 90s, when everyone had a little counter on the bottom of their website, no matter what the site was for? Yeah, it’s like that, but it’s not for everyone to see, just you. If it’s a personal blog that you’re checking the count on, having that counter can be chocke

Learn How to Measure, Understand, and Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Google sites hit counter

Part of the formula to almost any business success is in a strong online presence. Google dominates the search engine market, so if you want to measure traffic, a good way to determine how strong or weak your presence is would be to keep an eye on Google search hits. Naturally, you want to get the most Google hits you can, indicating high traffic, and a high chance for business leads to develop. Here are three things to understand before you can achieve your goals.

  1. Measure hits.
  2. While having a Google hits counter is one way to determine how many people visit your site, there are many more far sophisticated tools. The Google Webmaster tools, for example, will give you detailed information on traffic, or the lack of it, going to your website. You can also look at sites who do have the mos

Search Results Can Make or Break Your Business Online Where Do You Rank?

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How to get google hits

Google could be your best friend when it comes to your business online. If you fall within the top Google search hits, your business could be booming. But if your rank falls beyond the first page of the Google hits, then there may be no point in having your site online to begin with.

The whole purpose of having your website up is to get search engine hits. The higher that you rank for those Google search hits, the more traffic you will see coming to your site, because more people will be finding your site. And, as traffic increases, you will see more sales in turn. Seems rather simple, right? But it takes more than just putting yourself on the internet. If people do not know about your website, or do not know the address, they will be relying solely on search engine results in order to find you. If yo

High Rankings are Just the Start of a Strong Web Presence

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Taking advantage of the digital marketplace and catering to online shoppers is a great idea for businesses looking to grow. While there are many ways to do so, developing and executing a powerful SEO campaign is one of the most effective, and popular, options. Increasing rankings and Google hits can be helpful, but many do not realize that it is not the search engine hits themselves that turn into sales. Instead, it is conversions, so it is important to make sure that a website not only ranks well, but provides great content that will help consumers want to make a purchase.

The initial challenge of SEO is getting more people to visit a website. However, if a company earns high rankings but fails to provide consumers with an enjoyable experience, they are likely to find that their investment in internet marketing

Generating Search Engine Hits

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Google sites hit counter

So you’ve done the work. You’ve written the content, you’ve paid the designer, and you hit that shiny red launch button. Your site is up and running, and so far its been viewed by you, your designer, and your mother. Now what? Online marketing is a vast and intimidating sea to the first timer. Navigating it can be tricky, but there is a North Star. Search engine hits.

Let’s be real. Users probably aren’t going to find you by typing your URL into the search bar on a whim. Search engines are the vehicle that will get users to your site, and you want to make sure that engine is running smoothly. See what I did there? The more organic search engine hits your site gets, the more likely users will be to find it. Though your long term solution for generating more search engine hits should include SEO serv

Learning How To Get More Search Engine Hits Is Important

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If you are trying to increase the online marketability of your business, the biggest prime concern that you should have is figuring out how to get more search engine hits. Search is by far and away the most powerful method that internet users take advantage of to look up information about most anything and if you want your business to wind up at the end of more of those searches, then you will do will to explore ways to boost your search engine hits.

While you are exploring ways to raise your search engine hits in general, the one that you need to thing about more than any other is Google because they own two third of the current market share. This means that increasing your Google hits is more important than increasing search engine hits for all of the other engines out there combined. While it is important for you pay attention to every search engine, when you know that your Google hits are on the rise, then you will definitely see some website traffic begin to follow. Once you get to this point, you will then need to start thinking about metrics.

As you increase Google hits, you will never really know what kinds of results you are getting unless you have a way to see the numbers. By utilizing a Google hits counter, you can do this easily. A counter will let you view all the Google hits per day so that you can see exactly what kind of traffic you are getting as well as have the chance to measure it up against previous days, weeks, months, or years. Doing this will help you to figure out where you might be going wrong so that you can ramp up your marketing when you need to.

Something else that you can benefit from by looking at the metrics of your search engine hits is identifying trends. Depending on your business, you may have predictable patterns for highs and lows that you may not even be seeing. However, when you can look at the succession of hits you get, this will become far more identifiable.

Overall, you have a lot to benefit from by not only boosting your search engine hits, but measuring them. Once you do, it will become a lot easier to please your customers and ultimately grow your business. Because it is so easy to do, there is no time to waste.

Know More About Your Online Presence With A Google Hits Counter

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Knowing your Google page hits can answer some questions you perhaps have about how well your marketing efforts are actually helping you. If you pay for search engine optimization or any other online marketing type needs, then you have to have an ability to track this information to know whether these efforts are worth it or in vain. One great way I have found to this has been through a Google hits counter. There are lots of cool features to this kind of online tool that it is nearly impossible not to at least be curious about it. So below, I have constructed a few ways you can increase your web exposure through using such an effective online tool.

With a Google hits counter, everything you absolutely must know about who is visiting your website and for how long can be discovered. Not only that, but this information will be presented to you in chart form, with a breakdown on where your audience is coming from, and what they are doing with your pages once they view them. From sharing with others to liking, all of their activity is tracked with relation to your business. So you gauge where your online traffic is coming from. This is crucial for having any kind of online marketing impact.

With a Google hits counter, you will know too how many Google hits per day you are receiving. A Google hits counter will of course track the Google search hits that people make for your business, and it often will do the same for other major search engines. So you see how well your current marketing efforts are paying off by viewing this chart and by taking in the information presented in it. More than likely, your numbers will rise once you find out how to increase google hits. But that is for another article.

With a Google hits counter, you essentially have something that is free or that is offered at a very low cost, depending on who or what is tracking this for you. This affordability is highly important within the online space, since lots of opportunities exist to brand your company online. Some are at cost, some are entirely too expensive for most companies and some are free. A Google hits counter is one of those rare free ones that exposes your company in a positive fashion to the millions of web users.

Stop Trying to Increase Google Hits without Outsourcing

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Just about every successful website owner has heard the term “content is king on the web.” This term is especially true if you are using search engine optimization and social media marketing to increase online awareness. Fierce competition is one of the major hurdles website owners, bloggers and internet marketers must get over. Increasing Google hits is a process that requires you to understand the changes that Google makes to their algorithms. For example, the recent Panda and Penguin updates strike fear in the eyes of thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of internet marketers. The good news is SEO firms keep up with the changes search engines make to their algorithms.

Why is it so important to track changes search engines make? Well, keeping up with these changes will give you the keys to successfully making the necessary changes on your own websites. In other words, the last thing you want to experience is a dramatic decline in traffic because you did not pay attention to updates, such as the Panda and Penguin updates. Luckily, you do not have to keep up with these changes because you can outsource your SEO work to increase search engine hits. Why should you spend 20 hours a day trying to handling search engine optimization alone?

By hiring a reputable marketing firm, you will experience an increase of Google page hits overtime. Do not expect changes to happen overnight. Since not all marketing firms share the same amount of experience or knowledge, you need to take the time to read reviews. PPC management, link building, content creation and web design, are some of the major areas that marketing firms focus on to increase Google hits. It is not difficult to understand why outsourcing is the number one strategy website owners use to increase Google hits. Once you increase your Google hits, you can take advantage of new income earning opportunities by becoming a reseller.

The Value of a Google Sites Hit Counter

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How to get google hits

In the realm of online marketing, there are few more important tools for businesses than the Google sites hit counter. Considering that nearly two thirds of internet searches go through the immense internet search engine, the number of Google hits per day received by a company is often a direct reflection of business success. Thus, if a company experiences thousands of Google hits per day, that is a solid indication that their business is heading toward success. After all, the more search engine hits that are revealed through a Google sites hit counter means that the website receiving the hits will rank higher on Google rankings. In turn, consumers will become more aware of a business as it expands its online footprint, which is the the primary objective of search engine optimization, and a Google sites hit counter.

The Google sites hit counter is, obviously, a valuable tool to any company that prioritizes online marketing. However, once a company is able to track their online marketing progress via a Google sites hit counter, the company needs to know how to increase google hits. When companies decide to enlist the services of an online marketing company, they will not only learn how to get Google hits, but will benefit from the many different strategies and tools that the company offers. Regardless of the types of online marketing services that a company receives from an online marketing company, perhaps the best way to measure the progress of an online marketing campaign is via a Google sites hit counter.

Although a Google sites hit counter offers a reliable way to track the number of hits that are received by a particular company website, it is not a direct indication of success. The fact that web users are clicking on the website does not mean that they will become customers of the company; however, the fact that more hits often leads to more business cannot be denied. Therefore, any company who prioritizes online marketing can benefit from a Google sites hit counter. But the question remains, what does a company do in order to increase the number of hits their websites receive?

Increasing Google Hits for Your Website

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How to increase google hits

Did you know that over seventy percent of search engine users choose google? Many people and businesses alike are interested in ways they can increase google hits to their site. Now more than ever it is important to rank well in google searches, since the majority of users never look past first page results.

If you are interested in learning how to increase google hits, you should look into SEO marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it basically refers to the process of editing and adding content to your website to make it more appealing to search engines and users alike. This usually translates to making sure that content is not only relevant, but also contains important key words that web users are using when they search for the product or service the website is offering.

I was looking to see if there were any Ghost Tours in my area today, and when one of the searches came up, I noticed when I clicked on it that it had Ghost Tours Rochester in tiny print underneath every icon. This instantly made me wary, because I realized that they were coming up in google not because they were the best, but possibly because they were resorting to cheap ranking tactics in order to increase google hits. Your site and products might be the best, but if you use sup bar SEO techniques, it can turn users off. It might take a little longer to produce quality content, but it is ultimately more successful at ensuring the most google page hits.

If you really want to increase google hits, make sure all the content on your website represents you well and also reflects the services you are offering your clients. Add new content on a consistent basis in the form of blogs, articles and blurbs in order to continually get new search engine hits. Remember that in order to increase google hits, maintaining a professional site so that first time viewers become repeat visitors is a must.